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Chris Cracknell Introduction 1 Comment Read more »

Chris Cracknell Introduction

  So, writing a blog…..I think most people who write blogs go under the assumption that those reading them know who you are and where you come from. I could fall into that category but I’m not going to. My name is Chris Cracknell, no…

Living the Life of a Professional Rugby Player 1 Comment Read more »

Living the Life of a Professional Rugby Player

  You probably have an idea of what the life of a pro-rugby player is all about with all the free kit, gym memberships, travel, great nutritional advice and healthcare and even being ‘recognised’. However, this week I’ll tell you about what really goes on…

Transitioning to Rugby 7s Read more »

Transitioning to Rugby 7s

Unfortunately my season is over for another year since we (Rotherham Titans) didn’t make the semi-finals of the Championship playoffs. So what does a professional player do over the so-called off -season? I think most people’s perception is that we go on a two month…

Match Day Prep for a Professional Player Leave a comment Read more »

Match Day Prep for a Professional Player

Preparations for a game starts on the Monday morning with training, a video analysis of the previous game and an analysis of the opposition. Training is focussed on the upcoming opposition as well as on making improvements following lessons learned from the previous game. Below…

Transitioning from Amateur to Professional Read more »

Transitioning from Amateur to Professional

Please find our opening Ask a Pro Blog with our very own rugby professional guru, Pale Nonu (professional rugby player for Rotherham Titans and brother of NZ All Black Ma’a Nonu). Please send your questions to with the subject “Ask Pale” to get all…

Ask a Pro Introduction Leave a comment Read more »

Ask a Pro Introduction

Your inside-look into the life of a professional rugby player Imagine what it would be like: to have access to professional fitness, training and nutrition advice to find out how professional players prepare for matches to have an inside-look at life of a professional off…

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