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Kicking in Rugby Leave a comment Read more »

Kicking in Rugby

This month I am going to take a look at kicking in rugby, which is a very important rugby skill that can have a huge impact on a match. A team which has no kickers not only miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable…

Poach eggs-not players! 1 Comment Read more »

Poach eggs-not players!

Poaching by super clubs will kill the community game in our area. Over the past year, our club has had to stand by and watch as a “super team” has come shopping and poached one of our star players mid-season. The approach was made directly…

Evolution of Coaching in Grassroots Rugby Leave a comment Read more »

Evolution of Coaching in Grassroots Rugby

Ever wondered what the guys with the laptops are doing during international and professional matches? The video analyst is still a reasonably new role to the coaching team, and while every professional team seems to have an entire team of analysts, the role seems to…

Defence vs Attacking Rugby Coaching 2 Comments Read more »

Defence vs Attacking Rugby Coaching

Is professionalism taking coaching in the right direction for the benefit of rugby?     It cannot be disputes that professionalism has done wonders for the game by providing financial rewards and compensation to coaches and back-room staff for their commitment, effort and overall sacrifice…

The Scrum Leave a comment Read more »

The Scrum

This month we will be looking at the scrum. The scrum is something which can easily change a game. A team with a poor scrum is always at a disadvantage due to the amount of scrums which occur during a game and will be more…

Forward Passes and Knock-Ons Read more »

Forward Passes and Knock-Ons

Welcome to the first blog of the “Coaches Corner” blog! I am a sports journalist with a passion for rugby and throughout these blogs I will introduce you to different rugby rules, in the hope that you will gain a better understanding and love of…

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