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The Anatomy of an Athlete Exhibition Leave a comment Read more »

The Anatomy of an Athlete Exhibition

I have always been interested in sport injuries. Even as a coach, I was more interested in how the body was moving – or more to the point, what was occurring when the body was not moving correctly – rather than game play. This led…

AC Joint Shoulder Injuries 1 Comment Read more »

AC Joint Shoulder Injuries

What is the AC Joint? The Acromioclavicular (“AC”) Joint is where the furthest end of the collar bone (clavicle) meets the upper, far end of the shoulder blade at the bony process (acromion). You can find a picture on the right. As you can see,…

Hamstring Strain Leave a comment Read more »

Hamstring Strain

What are Hamstrings? Back in the 1700s, butchers in England would hang pig carcasses in their shop windows by the long tendons at the back of their ‘knees’, which developed into the name for the human body part called “hamstrings”. However, the three muscles running…

Concussion: "Minor Traumatic Brain Injury" Leave a comment Read more »

Concussion: “Minor Traumatic Brain Injury”

The interactive infographic Ellaine posted on concussion last month reminded me of an interview that was given by Ben Utecht who once played for the Indianapolis Colts and was later the Cincinnati Bengals’ tight end. During his playing career he suffered five known incidents of…

Knee Injuries: Runner's Knee Leave a comment Read more »

Knee Injuries: Runner’s Knee

As a follow on from last month’s article discussing Jumper’s Knee (Patella Tendonitis) this month’s article covers another chronic injury that can blight the rugby knee. Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (“ITBFS”) As its common name suggests, this condition is found in runners (but can also…

An Interactive Look at Concussions in Sport Leave a comment Read more »

An Interactive Look at Concussions in Sport

The interactive infographic below is focussed on US sports, but still provides some invaluable information about concussions. Some important notes to take away include the following: The majority of concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness. Stop playing even if you don’t lose consciousness;…

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