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Welcome to the London Womens Club Search Page. Use the search on the left to find local womens rugby clubs as follows:

    • Enter your address.
    • Choose your preferred club distance.
    • Choose amateur or professional clubs from drop down menu.*
    • Click “Find Local Clubs” to find your local mens rugby clubs.

* Given women’s rugby status, semi-professional teams are treated as professional for search purposes.

See Club Profiles for updated club information

Search Results

The results page will reveal the following information:

    • Club Name – click on this to see the club on the map.
    • Club Address – address of the clubhouse/traning grounds of the club.
    • Club Profile – click for the full club profile, including all of the latest club information.
    • Directions – directions from “your address” to the club.
    • Club Level – whether the club’s playing level is amateur or professional.**

** Some professional clubs also have amateur teams, so please see the Club Profile for full details.