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6 Nations 2024, Round 2 Analysis Read more »

6 Nations 2024, Round 2 Analysis

This round of the 6 Nations has raise more questions concerning the way the game is played and refereed. Let’s take a closer look at the match results. Scotland 16 v France 20 At times farcical! Kick tennis does not appear in any coaching manual.…

Six Nations 2024, Round One Analysis Read more »

Six Nations 2024, Round One Analysis

In a bizarre round one of the 6 Nations, (a) France implode and Ireland remind us how well the game can be played; (b) Italy outscore England 3 tries to two and lose, just and (c) Sam Costello plays quarterback in the first half and…

Netflix’s “Six Nations: Full Contact” Read more »

Netflix’s “Six Nations: Full Contact”

Netflix’s venture into the muddy world of rugby, “Six Nations: Full Contact”, has sparked a mix of anticipation and debate among fans and critics alike. The series, aiming to do for rugby what Drive to Survive did for Formula 1, offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look…

7 Best Rugby World Cup Moments Read more »

7 Best Rugby World Cup Moments

The Rugby World Cup, a pinnacle of international rugby union tournaments, has consistently delivered unforgettable moments that have captivated fans worldwide. From jaw-dropping tries to heart-stopping matches, each tournament writes a new chapter in rugby history. This article revisits eight of the most memorable moments…

Rugby World Cup Final 2023 Prediction Read more »

Rugby World Cup Final 2023 Prediction

Many years ago, 1986 in fact, when I was just starting to explore coaching styles. I met the Director of Coaching for the Australian Rugby League, Peter Corcoran. He advised me to take this maxim everywhere I go. “Teach technique- Coach performance. The default position…

England's Rugby World Cup 2023 Preparation Read more »

England’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Preparation

England putting the product under pressure, with repeated poor performances. After 40 mins of watching the England v Wales this past Saturday, all I had written on my A4 pad, was totally uninspiring. Unless England can find some spark, they will continue to fail. Farrells…

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