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Fiona Pocock: Week 12 Rehab Milestone

fiona pocock So, I’ve reached my 12 week milestone. This is the point in the rehab process where my new ligament should be fully healed. Healed in the respect that it’s a working ligament now, and no longer the patella tendon it once was.

It’s quite astonishing really that a tissue made of tendinous fibres can transform itself into a wholly different tissue: a ligament.

I’m very proud of my little ligament. It’s come a long way and hasn’t been too much of a bother during our new relationship so far.

Since my last blog I’ve been up to all sorts. And my leg has transformed! Long gone have the days that people mistook my leg for a child’s.

Gone are the days that every movement I make is taken with meticulous precision and thought. Now I walk without thought nor care.

Obviously I’m not flinging myself off buses and scooting along at speed to catch the train that’s just about to depart. But I’m no longer cautious about my walking and this is a huge tick in the box as far as quality of life is concerned. It was getting pretty tedious constantly thinking “left heel, toe, right heel toe, left heel toe, right heel toe… and so on”.

This progress has all be down to my strict rehab programme and compulsive icing. Here’s a list of exercises I complete in a typical rehab session: (if also recovering from injury, please consult your doctor/physio before attempting these exercises)

+ Walking Lunges holding 5kg in front
+ Tip Toe Walking hold 10kg above head
+ Single Leg Calf Raises
+ Back Squats with 30kg barbell
+ Straight Leg Deadlift with 30kg barbell
+ Single Leg Pistol Squat
+ Intervals on Spin Bike

The whole routine (of multiple sets) lasts around 40 -60 minutes and although it isn’t taxing by my usual standards, my knee is tired at the end of it. This is then followed by an hour of hands on treatment from my massage therapist Kat. Even though at the time I’m squirming around complaining, my sessions with Kat are by far the most beneficial part of my recovery (thanks Kat). I then immediately ice my knee and wrap it in compressive bandage to prevent/reduce swelling.

My physio told me I was doing well with my recovery – the knee wasn’t swelling and my range (extension-flexion) had improved – so I was allowed to try a few new exercises.

It’s so exciting when you get to that next stage in rehab. Even the smallest accomplishments seem amazing.

So, now part of my rehab is jogging on a trampette (mini trampoline). Actual jogging!

The next step is to get myself strong enough to do this on the floor instead. So that’s my next box I’m aiming to tick. In fact, the aim of jogging hasn’t taken long to come around so I’m pleased I waited, because now it’s actually achievable.

Til next time,
Fiona x

p.s. If you would like more information about rehab exercises and tips for recovery please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at

About Fee Pocock

Northampton-born Fiona played for Petersfield RFC from 1995-2006, starting at the age of age of seven. She captained Petersfield U16 for two years and went on to represent England U20 and A teams along the way to gaining 22 full caps and scoring 18 Test match tries – including the first in her country’s 2010 WRWC campaign against Ireland.   She became the Sky Sports HD Woman of the Match, along the way to becoming England’s top try-scorer in the pool stages but missed the final against the Black Ferns through a knee injury. Fiona has also played for Richmond in the Dubai Sevens, appeared in the Amsterdam tournament and represented England at the Nations Cup in Canada.  View all posts by Fee Pocock

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