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Top 5 Memorable and Iconic NRL Grand Finals

The National Rugby League is a professional rugby league competition in Australasia which contains clubs from New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand.

The NRL grand finals bring together the best teams, the most passionate fans, and the highest stakes imaginable, where every play and moment holds the potential to become a lasting memory. From nail-biting finishes to awe-inspiring performances, the NRL Grand Finals have produced some of the most unforgettable moments in rugby league history.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the excitement of these games.

NRL Grand Final of 1999: Melbourne Storm’s Penalty Try

In 1999, the Melbourne Storm secured their first NRL premiership title. It was only their second year in the league, so it was a considerable achievement.

During the game, things weren’t going well for the Storm. They were losing, and time was running out. But then something significant happened. With just a few minutes left, they made a big play. Brett Kimmorley kicked the ball high, hoping his teammate Craig Smith could catch it and score a try.

But before Smith could reach the ball, a Dragons player, Jamie Ainscough, tackled him hard. The hit knocked Smith down, and he couldn’t hold the ball.

The referee had to make a big decision – whether to give the Storm a penalty try. That would mean they automatically get points because of the tackle. After thinking about it, the referee decided to give the Storm the penalty try.

The Storm went on to win, and it was a big celebration. This moment became famous because it showed the Storm’s determination and how they never gave up. It was a dream come true for the Storm and their fans, forever etching their names among nrl grand final winners.

NRL Grand Final of 2013: Sonny Bill Williams’ Performance

In 2013, Sonny Bill Williams made a remarkable return to rugby league, sending shockwaves through the NRL with his comeback. Joining the Sydney Roosters, he became the focal point of their charge to the Grand Final.

Despite initially facing a deficit against Manly, Williams’ exceptional performance turned the game’s tide. Williams inspired a remarkable comeback for the Roosters with his powerful runs and skillful offloads. His determination and talent ignited his teammates, propelling them to victory and ending an 11-year title drought.

The 2013 Grand Final will be remembered when Sonny Bill Williams reaffirmed his status as one of the greatest players of his generation. His return to rugby league was sensational, and his impact on the game will be celebrated for years. For the Roosters and their fans, Williams’ performance was the catalyst for their triumph, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of rugby league stars.

NRL Grand Final of 2003: Scott Sattler’s Tackle

In the 2003 NRL Grand Final, Scott Sattler became a hero for the Penrith Panthers. As they battled to stay ahead against the Roosters, Sattler did something unique. He made a tackle that stopped Todd Byrne from scoring, saving the game for his team.

Sattler’s tackle inspired his teammates to keep fighting. With renewed energy, they held onto their lead until the end, winning the premiership. This moment has made Scott Sattler a legend in NRL history, just like his dad.

NRL Grand Final of 2015: Johnathan Thurston’s Field Goal

The 2015 NRL Grand Final was a nail-biter between the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys. In the final moments, the Cowboys were behind, but their star player, Johnathan Thurston, made a fantastic play, scoring a last-minute try.

Everyone held their breath as he tried to kick for the win, but the ball hit the goalposts and went into extra time.

Thurston didn’t let the pressure get to him in the extra time. He kicked a field goal, securing the win for the Cowboys and making their fans go wild with happiness. It was a historic moment for the Cowboys, as they won their first premiership.

NRL Grand Final of 2016: Fifita’s Try Ends Sharks’ Drought

For fifty years, fans of the Cronulla Sharks had endured countless disappointments and close calls in their pursuit of NRL premiership glory. But in 2016, their patience and perseverance finally paid off in the most dramatic fashion possible.

It was a momentous occasion when Andrew Fifita, with his raw power and unstoppable determination, bulldozed his way over the try line in a sensational display of skill and strength. His barnstorming try broke the shackles of history and ignited an explosion of jubilation among Sharks supporters who had waited for this moment for so long.

As the final whistle blew and victory was finally secured, the scenes of celebration were nothing short of euphoric. For the Sharks faithful, it was a moment they had dreamed of for half a century – their team was finally crowned NRL premiers.


The NRL Grand Finals are full of unforgettable moments that make us cheer and feel proud. From incredible tries to game-changing tackles, these moments show the true spirit of rugby league. We love to remember them and celebrate the players who made them happen. And as we look forward to the next NRL Grand Final, we know that there will be even more incredible moments waiting for us. Let’s continue to support our teams and celebrate the game that brings us all together – the NRL.

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