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Rugby World Cup Final 2023 Prediction

Many years ago, 1986 in fact, when I was just starting to explore coaching styles. I met the Director of Coaching for the Australian Rugby League, Peter Corcoran. He advised me to take this maxim everywhere I go. “Teach technique- Coach performance.

The default position for All Black teams is quality basic technique.

It figured greatly in their defeat of Ireland. Plus, the role of the second man in attack and defence. Their team mobility fitness ensured they could contend with anything that was thrown at them. They can score tries from anywhere on the field, and any player can initiate the attack.

South Africa’s physical dominance was disturbed by England, “effort”. Where England failed is their inability to switch to a more support-based game linking backs and forwards. Their game management was limited to kick after kick.

Positional competence and experienced combinations are vital when attempting to score tries.

Playing players out of position can affect timing and tempo. Knowing what your teammates can do and will do makes attacking decisions easier to make and instinctive play likely to get support.

In the final, the All Blacks will maintain style, knowing also that their world-class players will perform.

South Africa have been dented, but not enough to alter their belief. Erasmus may make changes to the starting tight five. AND may shake the world by not starting Kolisi? Although he would finish the game.

Pollard will start, but if he kicks badly the return could be painful, from Jordan, Barret and Talea.

The final will be a real test of which team adheres to the maxim, “Teach Technique-Coach Performance.”

My tip: New Zealand 28- South Africa 18

About Mike Penistone

Mike has coached at all levels of the game, from under-7's through to elite international players at the highest level, in both the northern and southern hemispheres. A few notable positions include serving as Head Coach for Great Britain Students (Rugby League), Head Coach at Nottingham RUFC and Head of Elite Player Development at Leicester Tigers Academy. Mike also served as the U21's Coach at the NSW Warratahs and Director of Coaching at Eastern Suburbs Sydney. He continues to coach across the globe running his consultancy. Check out his website: here. View all posts by Mike Penistone

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