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Alison Hedley Joins FRN Nutrition Team

Alison Hedley joins our Rugby Nutrition team

To be given the chance to write for the FindRugbyNow website is a huge privilege.

Sports nutrition is my passion, so I very much look forward to helping others reach their nutritional goals to aid their performance. The website has a holistic approach to rugby, giving regular, valuable advice, which link in to one another. Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition are the three key aspects that are most important in reaching peak performance, making FindRugbyNow a key website for you.

I am myself an enthusiastic sportswoman, focusing mainly on training and competing in road, trial and cross-country running, as well as triathlon training. Therefore, I am aware of how important optimum nutrition is for athletes of all levels as I myself benefit greatly from good daily nutrition.

I studied both my BSc in Exercise & Health and my MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition at Leeds Metropolitan University. In addition to my studies, I was chosen to work on the Nutrition Internship Scheme which was based at the Carnegie Centre for Sports Performance and Wellbeing. I completed periodised nutritional programmes for athletes at the university, but also sports teams such as the Leeds Rhinos Rugby Club. I now work for Glanbia Nutritionals where I develop new and existing products in the sports nutrition world. I work on science-led nutritional and functional ingredient solutions for athletes and regularly keep up to date with latest trends and literature.

My aim for my up and coming blogs will be to start with the basics and build to specifics. I want you to be able to ask me any question about general diet, then once you are happy with this, focus on more specific goals such as protein intake, building lean muscle mass or ideal fluid consumption.

You may find you do not know where to start with your nutrition, it can be rather daunting. My advice would be to focus on one area you would like to improve then work your way up, trying to develop too many things at once will only be difficult to achieve and, more importantly, to maintain.

Getting your nutrition on the right track can be a slow process, and in some cases a complete behavioural change.

This said it is a key aspect to your health as well as sports performance and could be the difference between being a good player and being an excellent player.

My blogs will be based on the general athlete, although you can email me with any individualised questions you might have. Also, please don’t be shy in suggesting ideas for my future blogs, I am happy to cover any topic which will help you and other Find Rugby Now readers. Our vast network of sports specialists is the ideal place for junior, amateur and professional players as well as friends and family to find advice on rugby related nutrition. I am excited to see this website grow with the help of the FindRugbyNow team and, most importantly, you!

I really hope you enjoy reading my blogs and get some key advice on nutrition to apply to your training.

To get in touch with Alison, please email with “Alison’s Blog” in the title.

About Alison

Alison Hedley is one of our nutrition bloggers also working as a Senior Development Technologist for the sports nutrition company Whilst completing her MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition she also worked at the Carnegie Centre for Sports Performance, advising athletes and sports teams on their diets. Alison is a very keen runner and enjoys reading and writing anything to do with sports nutrition. Please feel free to ask any questions or suggest future blog topics. View all posts by Alison

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