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QUIZ: Test Your Rugby Nutrition IQ

I thought I would give you a break from learning this week and test your memory on the nutrition topics I have covered in my previous blogs.

Many people read something about healthy nutrition and get motivated by it, but as soon as they start doing something else they get side-tracked and forget the importance of what they’ve read.

So I thought, what better way to re-enforce what you have previously read than a fun quiz!?

If you have any questions along the way feel free to post your query by commenting below.

Please post your quiz answers below for a chance to win a free FRN t-shirt! Answers will be put up in 2 weeks on our facebook page (

Question 1

Strength, speed and agility can improve the _______ you are

a) Heavier
b) Leaner
c) Happier

Question 2

Calcium plays a major role in?

a) Energy provision
b) Bone health
c) Running speed

Question 3

What is a simple measure of hydration levels?

a) The colour of your urine
b) How often you urinate
c) Both

Question 4

A food that has a high Glycemic index:

a) Produces a lot of glycogen (the store of carbohydrate in our bodies)
b) Has a lot of carbohydrate
c) Releases glucose into the blood quickly

Question 5

What is the best form of fat: Saturated or Unsaturated?

Question 6

Meat, beans, fish, dairy, eggs and nuts are all a good source of what nutrient?

Question 7

High _______ foods can slow the absorption of other nutrients

a) Vitamins
b) Fat
c) Water
d) Carbohydrate

Question 8

Which macronutrient is the largest provider of energy in the body?

Question 9

Potassium, sodium, calcium and iron are all types of

a) Vitamins
b) Minerals
c) Hormones

Question 10

Our bodies are made up of roughly:

a) 70% water
b) 20% water
c) 40% water
d) 90% water

See, that wasn’t too hard, was it?

If you have any queries on the questions above – or any other nutrition topics you would like me to discuss in my blogs, I would really appreciate your feedback. Just comment below.

By: Sophie Enever

About Sophie Enever

Sophie Enever is a nutrition expert currently working with the Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club providing nutrition related advice. Please contact her with any questions you may have regarding nutrition and youth rugby and to provide her with topics for her upcoming monthly blogs. View all posts by Sophie Enever

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