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Introduction of New Blogger: Sandy Naylor

sandy1I’d like to start by simply stating how grateful I am to have the opportunity to write for FRN. I feel slightly overwhelmed that nutritionists, rugby coach specialists, and amazing athletes are writing on here, and then soon there will be….me?!

I do not have any formal qualifications in nutrition or personal training (in fact I hold a rather unrelated BSc in Economics and spent my first 18 months post university working in an investment bank.)

What I am is a Mum of two. I am a rugby playing Mum of two. I am a groupex instructor rugby playing Mum of two. I am a bodybuilding groupex instructor rugby playing Mum of two. I am an ex-obese bodybuilding groupex instructor rugby playing Mum of two!

I’ll stop now….what I’m trying to say is that I have gone through having to lose 3 stone (this was before I had kids) and turn my health around.

I have trained for competitive sport and now I am training for bodybuilding.

Sandy's kids

Sandy’s cute bundles of joy

I am experiencing the amazing joys of being a parent, and also the challenges of raising a family and juggling all your endeavours.

I have experienced the stress of city working life (and went about my weekends permanently binge drinking) and now you are probably most likely to see me covered in baby snot doing nursery runs and sprinting about my house chores like someone’s lit a match under my bottom.

I feel like I’ve packed a lot into my 27 years thus far.

I hope there’s some part of you that can identify with me, and I hope my blogs will bring insight, humour and lifestyle tips.

I’m not qualified to talk studies and science, but I can share with you the things that are improving my life and making me into a better athlete / parent / person. The approach I want to take is from a lifestyle point of view.

Blog Content

There are so many topics I want to cover. These include:

  • incorporating training and healthy nutrition when you have time constraints and other commitments;
  • training for rugby vs training for aesthetics;
  • keeping your nutrition simple and instinctive vs fad diets;
  • my view on supplements, cooking with protein powder and recipes;
  • practical nutrition for children, quick recipes and why I am not in total agreement with government guidelines and marketing gimmicks;
  • why it is sadly often not just a case of calories in vs calories out when it comes to losing weight;
  • the journey of staying healthy during pregnancy and losing weight after for parents. I say parents, and not just Mums, because the Dads tend to change too and
  • my view on different group exercise classes and how to incorporate them to reach your sport goals / fitness goals.

Sandy playing rugby for Hammersmith & Fulham

Sandy playing for Hammersmith & Fulham

I am very much open to blogging about topics that you are interested in, as well as answering questions either by e-mail or in a blog if it is a question that would be relevant to other people.

Please do get in touch with me by commenting below.

Bye for now!


About Sandy Naylor

Sandy started out working in a professional services firm qualifying as a Tax Advisor, however after the birth of her children she changed direction and decided to pursue Group Exercise instructing alongside hectic motherhood! She has been playing rugby for 10 years, and has always been interested in weight training and nutrition. Now three stone lighter than her heaviest days, she is currently also training for her first competitive bodybuilding show. View all posts by Sandy Naylor

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