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What English Fans Expect From Eddie Jones

eddie jonesThere is one key thing that we can expect from Eddie Jones and that is that he will improve the England players’ skills as well as the team’s results.

Many English fans are resigned to the idea of waiting a few more years for England to win the Six Nations as long as the players continue to develop a style of play that will bring eventual success.

However, will the pressure and the expectations of the English fans be fulfilled by the recently appointed Eddie Jones? Will he able to return the English team to the top of the northern rugby hemisphere?

Jones believes that his methods will work.

Jones says that he will place a special focus on developing the skill levels of the players as an absolute priority.

He asks for the fans to not expect immediate results so that he can focus on and execute this plan for the greater good of English rugby.

Many will see this as a necessary development stage and something that almost every newly appointed coach focusses on with the hope that he will be excused from winning results while trying to improve the team.

Even if the fans are not satisfied with a lack of winning results for some time, the end result will players with well developed skills.

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The majority of fans will expect the England team to do well in the upcoming Six Nations as a requirement for a coach like Jones, who is being very well paid. However, fans have to set reasonable criteria by which to judge the coach. And that criteria is seeing a pattern of progress in the players’ gameplay. There must be a tangible development progress against which Jones will be judged rather than results alone. The process must be evaluated in a holistic manner with a long-term view.

fansMost of all, these players have to improve relative to the standard of international level rugby. Southern hemisphere nations will continue to improve compared to their 2015 levels so English rugby must keep up and Jones must produce a team with a potential to win the next Rugby World Cup.

Jones has to create a solid foundation with a team that is able to produce consistent results with improvement and development and a team of players that embrace his vision. As demonstrated by the previous Rugby World Cup, it will also be necessary for Jones to finally work out the best playing positions for the players and overcome the shortcomings of the previous team issues.

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