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Why Do We Bother With Laws in Minis Rugby? 2 Comments Read more »

Why Do We Bother With Laws in Minis Rugby?

We’re a quarter of the way through season 2012-13 and already it’s been a very promising year for our U8s. Numbers are good, and at 29 players we have the biggest U8 squad our club’s ever had. This presents challenges in terms of getting all…

Ten Commandments for Rugby Coaches 1 Comment Read more »

Ten Commandments for Rugby Coaches

With the new Age Grade season now properly under way, I’m looking at the role of coaches in developing players. The turnaround in England’s fortunes in the 5 months between the end of the last World Cup and the conclusion of this year’s 6 Nations,…

MACHO RUGBY: Is it damaging? Leave a comment Read more »

MACHO RUGBY: Is it damaging?

Reading a recent discussion on another rugby forum, I’ve been forced to rethink my attitude to how I, as a coach of young players, want to approach the contact areas of the game. This will involve looking carefully and honestly at mistakes I’ve made in…

Changes to Minis Rugby 1 Comment Read more »

Changes to Minis Rugby

From September it is rumoured that the county that my club operates in will be added to the “Shaping the Game” pilot project that the RFU have been running in three counties over the last year (Durham, Hampshire and Warwickshire), which is based on research…

Love of the Game: Minis Coaching Advice 4 Comments Read more »

Love of the Game: Minis Coaching Advice

  I have just had a very interesting and enjoyable weekend of rugby with my rugby club. For the first time in the history of the club our 1st XV have made it to the cup final of our region and on Sunday afternoon took…

U9s Minis Rugby Frustration 9 Comments Read more »

U9s Minis Rugby Frustration

There is a great debate going on now about when minis coaches should be able to teach U9 players to tackle as opposed to when they are allowed to under the new RFU regulations. Reports of some rugby clubs already having tackle training for their…

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