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5 Biggest Rugby Controversies in History Read more »

5 Biggest Rugby Controversies in History

Rugby, a sport renowned for its fierce competition, camaraderie, and respect, has also witnessed its fair share of controversies. From on-field clashes to questionable refereeing decisions, these moments have sparked debate, divided fans, and left a lasting mark on the game’s history. Here, we delve…

Netflix’s “Six Nations: Full Contact” Read more »

Netflix’s “Six Nations: Full Contact”

Netflix’s venture into the muddy world of rugby, “Six Nations: Full Contact”, has sparked a mix of anticipation and debate among fans and critics alike. The series, aiming to do for rugby what Drive to Survive did for Formula 1, offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look…

Wallabies' Coach Performance Analysis Read more »

Wallabies’ Coach Performance Analysis

Wallabies’ coach, Eddie Jones, has been in charge for 3 games now, conceded over 100 points and lost all 3. His flamboyant almost comical press interviews, represent a coach clinging to overtime. Ex Wallabies and the public are “not amused.” Eddie can handle these losses…

Europe's Five Most Successful Rugby Clubs Read more »

Europe’s Five Most Successful Rugby Clubs

Rugby union is a hugely popular sport played in over 120 countries around the world with youth and women’s rugby showing significant growth at the highest levels. This, alongside the passionate fans that follow their teams, makes rugby a strong sporting product. Over the years,…

Why have laws in rugby? Leave a comment Read more »

Why have laws in rugby?

After a while away from writing an article this one is a result of watching a weekend’s worth of European Cup games with a bit of a view caused by discussions on Twitter. I tend to follow a lot of rugby accounts on Twitter and…

British Lions v Blues: What Went Wrong? Leave a comment Read more »

British Lions v Blues: What Went Wrong?

Having watched the Lions v Blues game, which is the second match of the 2017 British Lions tour there are a few things which worry me about the performance of the British Lions. Firstly, the much mentioned “Warren-ball” approach seems to be the go-to approach.…

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