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TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Review-Win a FREE Month’s Supply!

yoghurtThis week Find Rugby Now had the opportunity to try a variety of TOTAL Greek Yoghurts – a 100% natural Greek yoghurt made from only two ingredients – milk and live yoghurt cultures.

The yoghurt boasts at least 10g of protein to every 100g, which is ideal for satisfying post or pre-training hunger and building and repairing muscles.

After reading up on some recipes, we have discovered that Greek yoghurt can be an excellent replacement for sour cream, dressing and mayonnaise, and also makes a delicious breakfast when added to low-sugar muesli and fruit.

Most importantly, it is delicious and really healthy. Check out a great recipe for Smoked Haddock Breakfast Florentine using TOTAL Greek Yoghurt below.

We are also offering one Find Rugby Now reader the chance to win a month’s supply of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt! Read all the details below.

More Information

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose to consume protein before bed and in 250g of TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt, you will find 25g of almost pure slow digesting casein protein with less than 150 calories.

The yoghurt is available in three fat varieties – 0%, 2% and Classic. Total 0% Greek Yoghurt is also available as a Split Pot, accompanied by honey and fruit. We have tried a variety of these flavours and they were all delicious. Our favourite was strawberry.

FAGE, the makers of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt, have also recently introduced a thick, natural Greek Yoghurt with blended fruit pieces called FRUYO. It’s great and comes in flavours like pineapple and peach.

Smoked Haddock Breakfast Florentine



2 tbsp vinegar
200g dyed smoked haddock
1 pint milk
1 granary loaf, small uncut

For the dressing:
200g TOTAL Greek Yoghurt
1 bunch chives, chopped
Salt & pepper
1 bag baby leaf spinach
2 eggs
1 lemon


• In a saucepan bring to boil ¾ pan water with the vinegar for poaching the eggs.
• Poach the smoked haddock for approximately 8-10 minutes in the milk, bringing it to a simmer.
• Remove the haddock from the milk once poached and save the flavoured milk.
• Cut 2 thick slices from the loaf and toast.
• Chop ¾ of the chive and mix into the yoghurt along with 75ml of the flavoured milk and season with salt and pepper.
• Poach the eggs for approximately 2 ½ minutes to keep the yolk runny.
• Wilt the spinach gently in a frying pan.
• Serve the spinach on the toast topped by flaked haddock and poached egg. Top with the yoghurt dressing and finish with a lemon wedge.

You can find more recipes, fitness plans and meal plans on the TOTAL website here.

Win a month’s supply of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt

All you need to do is comment below this article with the name of your favourite local rugby team and you will be added to the list of entries. Contest ends on 10 October.

Your month’s supply will include all of the following:

1x kilo TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt
1x 500g TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Classic
1x 500g TOTAL 2% Greek Yoghurt
4. TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Split pots (various flavours)
4x FAGE Fruyo (various flavours)
1 x 170g TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt
1x 170g TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Classic
1x 170g TOTAL 2% Greek Yoghurt

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