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Popular Rugby World Cup Slots Game

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-13-49-46Last year’s Rugby World Cup was celebrated around the world with a variety of stash, games and collectors items that were produced to celebrate the tournament.

The tournament even influenced the gambling market, which saw the production of a new slots game called “Ruck and Roll On Rugby Star” to join the already vast number of games that pay real money available online for those looking to make a little extra money whilst kicking back and relaxing.

The popularity of this game, which is hosted by the world famous Royal Vegas Online Casino and developed by the acclaimed Microgaming production company, has continued to grow over the past year, long after the tournament’s close. For fans of the game, you can use this UK comparison portal to find casinos that have this slot game, as well as check out all the top casino bonus offers. This article will take a look at what makes it so popular.

A Slots Game Emulating Sporting Action

An occasional criticism that is levied at lower quality slots games is that they sometime feel as if they’re just the same game engine presented with a different look.

However, “Ruck and Roll On Rugby Star” really does have a unique feel to it that’s lost in a number of other sporting games. The game plays out in a style that does a great job in presenting all the action of a top flight international rugby match.

The graphics and sound effects are amusingly bone crunching, while the bonus system directly relates to how points are earned on the pitch.

Rucks, scrums, line-outs and conversions all offer the player a chance to achieve quality rewards and bonuses in a fun way.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-13-50-12 It really cannot be understated how important the connection between top class operator and game publisher has been in delivering the quality standards of this game.

Royal Vegas Online Casino have worked very closely with Microgaming for a number of years now.

Microgaming are one of the longest serving production companies out there, with a portfolio that’s second to none in the industry.

Quite simply they only release the best games in the business, and in the case of “Ruck and Roll Rugby Star” all of the qualities are more than evident.

How The Game Works

Of course no matter how pretty and engrossing a game may be, if it doesn’t play well then it’s going to swiftly fall by the wayside. This proves to be a very high quality gaming experience that incorporates all the positives of the modern slots gaming experience.

This is a 5X3 reel game that offers players an impressive 243 potential winning combinations. This will appeal to players who like to bet on plenty of lines per spin.

Coin value can be set between one and ten cents. Bonuses are applied through landing on combinations – in this case Stacked Wild, Wild Pass and Scatter symbols and there’s a potential jackpot of a staggering 1.2 million gold for players who’re really enjoying a lucky day.

Bonuses often incorporate a large number of free spins even for quite modest combinations, making this one of the more generous slots games out there too.

Mobile & Free Play Friendly

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-13-49-58It’s no secret that players are increasingly preferring to enjoy their favorite games in mobile versions – and “Ruck and Roll Rugby Star” is also available for free/practice play too. You can find here an important responsible gambling guide from that also outlines when and where to seek help for those that need it.

All in all this is a truly elite slots game that will delight not just fans of rugby but should appeal to any slots aficionados – check it out online here!

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