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Free Sponsorship Guide for Rugby Clubs

If you speak to a committee member at any rugby club, they will tell you that money is tighter than ever and many clubs are now under significant financial strain.

Clubs now need to look to other channels to increase their revenue stream and we have found a very good and in-depth FREE sponsorship guide to help clubs do just that!

Government Funding Cuts

Government funding cuts to local services and the ongoing saga of Brexit have had a big impact on the income of a lot of smaller teams and clubs.

The majority of grassroots sports clubs rely on money coming in from players (and parents for the youth squads) rather than corporate sponsorships.

A lot of these external pressures are making these methods of raising cash much harder and many players and parents of youth team players are struggling to support clubs in the way they used to.

With these once relied upon sources steadily reducing, rugby clubs are finding it increasingly difficult to raise match fees and subs year on year.

Untapped Income Sources

Many of these clubs are missing out on other revenue streams, which could have a major effect on the income for the club and its members.

Our friends at Sports Ball Shop (part of Big Game Hunters) have produced a very helpful sponsorship guide to help local clubs raise more money.

Free ebook will help your club raise money

The sponsorship guide, which is available as an ebook, encourages clubs to look at their strengths and how these can be used to get local companies to invest time and money at their club.

It has also been proven that these companies build lasting relationships with the clubs and potentially increase the chance of gaining more playing members.

The guide explains (amongst other things):

  • How to produce a fixture handbook for FREE, which can give many local companies their 1st introduction to your club
  • How to market your club and show how valuable your members are to local companies
  • Ways to increase the loyalty your members have to these companies and how your club can leverage this loyalty
  • How to create a sponsorship tariff for pitch side banners and other potential marketing opportunities
  • How to gain valuable income from your club website

The sponsorship guide was originally based on the successes of a local cricket club, but these methods are easily transferable to rugby clubs as well.

You can download it for FREE here (just sign up for the mailing list and you will receive it to your inbox within a few minutes) and take the next steps to increasing the revenue stream for your club.

Let us know your thoughts on the guide below. We hope it is useful!

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Ellaine is the founder of FRN and author of "Mini and Youth Rugby: Complete Guide for Coaches and Parents" (published October 2015). She has been playing rugby union for over 10 years in the UK and the US for teams including Oxford University Blues, London Wasps, Henley, NOVA, and GWU. She has recently developed a love for rugby 7s and has played on several international rugby 7s teams. She also enjoys playing touch rugby and regularly plays for the FRN Mixed Touch Rugby team. She is passionate about helping others develop a love for rugby. View all posts by Ellaine

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