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Time to Stamp on Rugby's Thugs 1 Comment Read more »

Time to Stamp on Rugby’s Thugs

On Sunday I watched England’s first win in Dublin since 2003 (and only their third over Ireland in that time) from the comfort of my sofa. It certainly wasn’t a pretty game, and unlike the similarly ugly fare on offer in Paris the day before,…

FRN Guide to Rugby Kit and Gear Leave a comment Read more »

FRN Guide to Rugby Kit and Gear

Following several requests, please find a comprehensive guide to rugby kit and gear below. Where applicable, we have provided an explanation of how the kit or gear has evolved over time to become more effective for rugby player performance. We hope this serves as a…

Touch-Line Rules Leave a comment Read more »

Touch-Line Rules

This week I will be looking at the touch-line rules for when a player carrying a rugby ball goes into touch (out-of-bounds). Although this may appear to be a small aspect of the game of rugby, time and time again we see that players that…

A Look at the Television Match Official 1 Comment Read more »

A Look at the Television Match Official

This month I will be looking the role of the Television Match Official (TMO) in the game of rugby. A referee can easily change the result of a match with his/her decision-making and the TMO assists the referees with making the right calls throughout the…

New Premiership Rugby Laws for 2012-2013 1 Comment Read more »

New Premiership Rugby Laws for 2012-2013

Premiership Rugby has introduced new rugby law changes to the 2012-13 season. The trial laws were developed by the IRB over six months in collaboration with Premiership Rugby and the RFU. With the new Aviva Premiership season being well under away, here’s a brief guide…

Rugby Substitutions Leave a comment Read more »

Rugby Substitutions

As many of you will know, in rugby union a full rugby squad is composed of 22 players of which 7 players serve as substitutes throughout the course of the match. While some substitutions are forced due to injuries, some substitutions are tactical and can…

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