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Rugby Substitutions Leave a comment Read more »

Rugby Substitutions

As many of you will know, in rugby union a full rugby squad is composed of 22 players of which 7 players serve as substitutes throughout the course of the match. While some substitutions are forced due to injuries, some substitutions are tactical and can…

The Basics of Try Scoring Leave a comment Read more »

The Basics of Try Scoring

This week I will be looking at try scoring and how to avoid making mistakes that can cost your side a victory. This is a basic but all-important rule as it is the main way to win a match (other than kicking conversations, which are…

Kicking in Rugby Leave a comment Read more »

Kicking in Rugby

This month I am going to take a look at kicking in rugby, which is a very important rugby skill that can have a huge impact on a match. A team which has no kickers not only miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable…

The Scrum Leave a comment Read more »

The Scrum

This month we will be looking at the scrum. The scrum is something which can easily change a game. A team with a poor scrum is always at a disadvantage due to the amount of scrums which occur during a game and will be more…

The Rules to Rugby According to Lynx Leave a comment Read more »

The Rules to Rugby According to Lynx

Don’t be fooled by the reassuring 1950s public service announcement style voiceover: this video teaches you very little about rugby and a lot more about how some people perceive women’s rugby. This video, which purports to explain the laws (laws not rules, Lynx!) of rugby…

Forward Passes and Knock-Ons Read more »

Forward Passes and Knock-Ons

Welcome to the first blog of the “Coaches Corner” blog! I am a sports journalist with a passion for rugby and throughout these blogs I will introduce you to different rugby rules, in the hope that you will gain a better understanding and love of…

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