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Take the DRYATHLON Challenge! Leave a comment Read more »

Take the DRYATHLON Challenge!

No alcohol this January for Cancer Research UK New year, new you? This January, Cancer Research UK is challenging people up and down the country to put their glasses down for Britain’s first ever Dryathlon. Dryathlon is a new fundraising campaign that challenges social drinkers…

2013 Matt Hampson Foundation Calendar Leave a comment Read more »

2013 Matt Hampson Foundation Calendar

With Christmas in mind, I would like to share with you the image that appears whenever I open my Inbox. I never realised how much I appreciate Fine Art, but having seen quite a number (Louis Deacon, Tom Croft, George Ford, Martin Castrogiovanni, Anthony Allen,…

The Rugby Player's Cookbook Leave a comment Read more »

The Rugby Player’s Cookbook

In the few weeks coming up to Christmas, we are on the lookout for some great rugby gifts for the holiday season. This week we are reviewing “The Hooligan’s Table: The Rugby Player’s Cookbook”, which is a collection of over 80 rugby recipes from all…

Respect in Rugby 2 Comments Read more »

Respect in Rugby

Rugby is responsible for two of the proudest moments of my life, although neither moment has to do with actually playing the game. The first was the Remembrance weekend of November 2004 when I took my U9s to Welford Road to watch the Tigers play.…

MACHO RUGBY: Is it damaging? Leave a comment Read more »

MACHO RUGBY: Is it damaging?

Reading a recent discussion on another rugby forum, I’ve been forced to rethink my attitude to how I, as a coach of young players, want to approach the contact areas of the game. This will involve looking carefully and honestly at mistakes I’ve made in…

Growing Rugby in Afghanistan Leave a comment Read more »

Growing Rugby in Afghanistan

Think of Afghanistan, and it’s a fairly safe bet that clichés like ‘war-torn’, ‘troubled’ and ‘failed state’ will spring first to mind. The next thing you might associate with Afghanistan might be the rise of their cricket team to the status of Associate Member of…

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