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Top 7 Tips to Training In-Season Leave a comment Read more »

Top 7 Tips to Training In-Season

I was recently asked by a new member at our East London training centre, Foundry:east, to take a look at his current training programme, which he had downloaded from the internet. I was curious as it was the very definition of high volume with over…

Nutrition Strategies Must Keep Athlete's Happy Leave a comment Read more »

Nutrition Strategies Must Keep Athlete’s Happy

This month I wanted to focus my blog on the (quite often delicate) balancing act between practical nutrition and maintaining a ‘happy’ athlete. In my experience, a happy athlete = better performance. As a Performance Nutritionist, you have many aspects to think about other than…

Non Evans MBE Joins FRN! Leave a comment Read more »

Non Evans MBE Joins FRN!

We are delighted to announce that women’s Welsh rugby legend, Non Evans MBE, will be coming on board to join our professional rugby bloggers! For anyone that is a supporter of women’s rugby, Non Evans is a household name, and as her MBE for Services…

The Importance of Sleep Leave a comment Read more »

The Importance of Sleep

With winter drawing in, cold dark nights looming, people everywhere are getting into hibernation mode. Everyone except those athletes whose training continues, regardless of cravings for duvets and hot chocolate. Sleep aids muscle repair, memory conditioning and hormone regulation for growth and appetite. The functionality…

Top Tips for Training In-Season Leave a comment Read more »

Top Tips for Training In-Season

This past weekend the FRN 7s Rugby Team was taken through their paces by the professional trainers at Foundry:east, a new gym in East London where you can train like a professional for a fraction of the price. The session was broken up into two…

Litvinov Workout-September Fitness Leave a comment Read more »

Litvinov Workout-September Fitness

For the purpose of this blog I’m going to introduce you to a workout I’ve recently tried, tested and implemented, and discuss ways it can be tweaked to make it ideal for rugby players. Some people refer to it as the Litvinov Workout but without…

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