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7 Best Rugby World Cup Moments Read more »

7 Best Rugby World Cup Moments

The Rugby World Cup, a pinnacle of international rugby union tournaments, has consistently delivered unforgettable moments that have captivated fans worldwide. From jaw-dropping tries to heart-stopping matches, each tournament writes a new chapter in rugby history. This article revisits eight of the most memorable moments…

Are You a "Rugby MRI Coach"? Read more »

Are You a “Rugby MRI Coach”?

Lately I have been giving some thought to the different types of coaches that exist. The contributors to team performance and player development has grown substantially in numbers over the years. Some examples are : Physios Sports scientists Medics Sports psychologists Attack Coaches Defense Coaches…

Rugby World Cup Final 2023 Prediction Read more »

Rugby World Cup Final 2023 Prediction

Many years ago, 1986 in fact, when I was just starting to explore coaching styles. I met the Director of Coaching for the Australian Rugby League, Peter Corcoran. He advised me to take this maxim everywhere I go. “Teach technique- Coach performance. The default position…

Penistone October Visit to England & Europe Read more »

Penistone October Visit to England & Europe

Mike Penistone, author of “The Global Rugby Coach” and FindRugbyNow website contributor, will be visiting rugby clubs across England and Europe throughout October. Penistone has been sharing his experienced insight into rugby coaching on our website for several years.  You can read more about his…

England's Rugby World Cup 2023 Preparation Read more »

England’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Preparation

England putting the product under pressure, with repeated poor performances. After 40 mins of watching the England v Wales this past Saturday, all I had written on my A4 pad, was totally uninspiring. Unless England can find some spark, they will continue to fail. Farrells…

Wallabies' Coach Performance Analysis Read more »

Wallabies’ Coach Performance Analysis

Wallabies’ coach, Eddie Jones, has been in charge for 3 games now, conceded over 100 points and lost all 3. His flamboyant almost comical press interviews, represent a coach clinging to overtime. Ex Wallabies and the public are “not amused.” Eddie can handle these losses…

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