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Dear Referees 2 Comments Read more »

Dear Referees

I love the whole ethos of rugby. I love the fact that this ethos means that the respect afforded to rugby referees is supposed to be unconditional. I hate the fact that I lost my temper and gave a referee an ear bashing last weekend…

The National Pub 7s-26 August Leave a comment Read more »

The National Pub 7s-26 August

LATEST UPDATE: The England 7s team has just confirmed that it will, once again, be participating in the tournament. Register your team and have the chance to play against professional players and test yourself (or get some bragging rights for the pub)!   The 47th…

Kicking in Rugby Leave a comment Read more »

Kicking in Rugby

This month I am going to take a look at kicking in rugby, which is a very important rugby skill that can have a huge impact on a match. A team which has no kickers not only miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable…

Impact of Rugby 7s on North America 1 Comment Read more »

Impact of Rugby 7s on North America

What exciting times are emerging in rugby right now – coming off a World Cup year well hosted by New Zealand and as the London Summer Olyumpics approach, the rugby world is looking forward to the appearance of rugby in the Olympics in 2016. As…

"This is Not Soccer" Winners Announced! Leave a comment Read more »

“This is Not Soccer” Winners Announced!

FindRugbyNow is pleased to announce the winners of the “This is Not Soccer” T-Shirt competition. Check it out here. They are as follows: 1. Stevie Gen 2. Jonathan Kirton 3. Bakesi If you are a winner and have not already done so, please send us…

A Military Approach: Eliminate Fears Leave a comment Read more »

A Military Approach: Eliminate Fears

A rugby match is a lot like a battle. You size up the enemy, don your body armour and go forth onto the field of combat. You put your body on the line for your comrades and either enjoy victory or suffer defeat. In the…

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