Sri Lankan Rugby: Asia's Untapped Talent Read more »

Sri Lankan Rugby: Asia’s Untapped Talent

“Sri Lanka is Asian rugby’s jewel in the crown.” “Asia can do for rugby what Africa did for football.” “The most complete rugby player I have ever seen at any level was a 12-year-old Thai boy.” The contribution African soccer players have made to world…

Back Rows & Full Backs to Win the 2023 RWC Read more »

Back Rows & Full Backs to Win the 2023 RWC

Back rows and full backs will win you the Rugby World Cup in 2023. However, refereeing interpretations and emphasis may make it difficult. In a recent Chiefs v Reds game, the referee Paul Williams coached both teams’ defences at the breakdown and at kick chase…

Top Five of NRL's Most Celebrated Players Read more »

Top Five of NRL’s Most Celebrated Players

We don’t often cover Rugby League on FindRugbyNow, but the National Rugby League (NRL) is one of Australia’s most followed sports events, broadcasted through major television stations and streaming platforms in the region. The league was founded 25 years ago, in 1998. It is composed…

Is Negativity the new Pandemic? Read more »

Is Negativity the new Pandemic?

Change is afoot. Some of it forced some of it natural. In many aspects of life, we must find a way to deal with it both physically and mentally. Negativity transcends sport and everyday life. More changes will occur. We will never be what we…

Rugby Coaching Advice: Keep the Doubt Out Read more »

Rugby Coaching Advice: Keep the Doubt Out

Maybe it’s social media, but I seem to be seeing a lot more coaching positions advertised. Some offer remuneration of sorts, some don’t. Commitment is personal. You accept an appointment, and you give as much as you want, somewhere between taking the session and totally…

6 Nations Legacy 2023 Read more »

6 Nations Legacy 2023

The first line of Bob Dylan’s, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, sums it all up – “You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last.” So, what do the respective national coaches take away from this year’s 6 Nations? Ireland and…

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